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Personal Information:
Family name Radko
First name Mikhail
Patronymic Mikhajlovich
Date of birth 05.07.1954
Nationality Republic of Belarus
Working place
E-mail radko-m@mail.ru
Scientific Degree and Titles:
Candidate of Economics, associate professor
1974-1979Belarus Academy of Agriculture
Professional Experience Record:
2007-2011Director, Republican Subsidiary Unitary Enterprise "Institute of Fisheries"
2006-2007Vice General Director of Science and Innovations, Republican Unitary Enterprise "The Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Animal Breeding"
2004-2006Pro-rector in the Sphere of Education and Economics, Educational Institution "Belarus State Agrarian Technical University"
2001-2004Director, Sovkhoz “Belaya Rus'”
1997-2001Vice General Director, Scientific Production Association of Agriculture
1995-1997Head of Agriculture and Foodstuffs Department, Dribin Executive Committee
1989-1995Director, Sovkhoz “Korovchino”, Dribin district
1989-1991Vice Director, Regional System “Bekon”
1983-1989Head of kolkhoz “Komintern”, Krasnopol'sk district
Key Qualifications:
Language Skills:
German, Russian
List of Publications:

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