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AgroWeb Belarus, a part of the Belarus Agricultural Library Internet site and a part of the AgroWeb Central and Eastern Europe Network, is created in aim to collect and provide information on agricultural institutions and other important agriculture related subjects to help users to find information and contacts in Central and Eastern European countries and former USSR.

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Agrarian Series New full-text issue the journal "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Agrarian Series" Volume 3 2014 . In the new issue: History of scientific fruit growing in Belarus; Gene pool, methods and results of triticale breeding in Belarus; Radiological assessment of different forms of nitrogen fertilizers on sod-podsolic sandy soils; Organization of complete feeding of farm animals using organic trace nutrients, etc. Also on the website of the journal you can find an electronic archive of of all issues of the Journal since 1990. Online search in full texts of all available issues is presented.
YOUTH IN SCIENCE The Council of Young Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus is organizing annual international scientific conference «Youth in Science – 2014», which will take place in Minsk, Republic of Belarus on November, 18-21, 2014. For participation at conference are invited young scientists (including PhD and MPhil students), students and scholars. Main scientific directions of the Conference are: Agrarian Sciences, Biological Sciences, etc. Working languages of the Conference: Russian, Belarussian, English. September 1, 2014 – beginning of application submission.
Bulletin of the Belarussian State Agricultural Academy Bulletin of the Belarussian State Agricultural Academy: the guidance journal. N2 2014. New fulltext issue. The journal publishes results of scientific studies of the higher-education teaching personnel of the Belarussian State Agricultural Academy and other research institutes and organizations. Articles cover the following topics: agricultural economics; farming and plant-growing; melioration and land use planning; mechanization and power engineering.
Medicinal plants Agriculture of the Republic of Belarus, 2014. Statistical data book of the National Statistical Commettee of the Republic of Belarus (365 pages). The data in the book is provided in time series characterizing the situation in the agriculture of the country, its material and technical base. The book includes data on the volumes of agricultural production, structure of the production of basic agricultural products, per capita agricultural production and other data. This publication contains information on the agricultural area and its structure by types of farms; areas under crops, gross harvest, yield capacity of crops and perennial plantings. Presented are data on the number of livestock and poultry, production of basic animal husbandry products and others. Presented are data on the production of basic products of food industry, external trade in food goods, consumption of basic food products, financial results of organisations. Data are provided for the country as a whole, by regions, districts and by types of farms. The book contains short methodological notes for the selected statistical indicators.
Medicinal plants Medicinal plants: biodiversity, technology, use: colletion of papers of the First International Scientific and Practical Conference (only in Russian; ISBN: 978-985-537-046-9 ). The collection contains materials of scientists from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Turkey. The papers present promising new research directions on studying biodiversity and biology of medicinal plants, priority scientific approaches in the field of cultivation and harvesting of medicinal plants, as well as the use of medicinal plants in human or veterinary medicine.
Organic Farming EU The EU Rural Review. Issue 18 - Organic Farming - May 2014. The EU Rural Review is a thematic magazine, with topics and insights relevant to all ENRD stakeholders. It addresses the most up-to-date topics in EU rural development policy and provides with plenty of useful examples on how it is being implemented across the whole EU .The magazine is available in six languages (DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, PL) and both in print and PDF format. Issue 18 of the EU Rural Review provides an overview of organic farming as it is practised today. It highlights the value of the organic approach to agriculture, the rural economy and its wider societal and environmental benefits. It also provides real insight into the evolving European policy landscape - including a detailed profile of the European Commission’s Action Plan on the Future of Organic Production in Europe - and the course it is setting for the future of the sector.
Tourism and agroecotourism in the Republic of Belarus Tourism and Tourist Resources in the Republic of Belarus, 2014. A new statistical fulltext data book of the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus. The book presents statistical data reflecting the development of tourism and tourism industry, activities of cultural organisations, major historical, cultural, and natural sites that form tourist resources of the Republic of Belarus. Development of rural ecotourism in the Republic of Belarus, numbeor of rural ecotourism entities, main indicators of rural ecotourism entities, etc.
forest genetic resources FAO publishes first global study of forest genetic resources. According to the first-ever edition of The State of the World's Forest Genetic Resources report, half of the forest species reported as regularly utilized by countries are threatened by the conversion of forests to pastures and farmland, overexploitation, and the impacts of climate change. Through the FAO Global Plan of Action for Forest Genetic Resources, countries have committed themselves to improve the dissemination of, and access to, information on forest genetic resources, as well as to enhance collaboration to combat invasive species affecting forest genetic resources.
Environmental protection in the Republic of Belarus Environmental protection in the Republic of Belarus, 2014. A new statistical fulltext data book of the National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus. The statistical book contains time series on the state of the environment, availability and use of natural resources, specially protected natural areas, total environmental protection expenditure, etc.
earthworms for soil fertility Promotion of earthworms for soil fertility – new technical guide. Earthworms play a key role in conserving soil fertility and are excellent indicators in agricultural soils. A new technical guide gives an overview of the multiple services of earthworms to farmers and provides recommendations for the promotion of these extraordinary creatures in agricultural soils, called also ecological engineers. The guide was compiled as product in the EU-TILMAN-ORG-project “Reduced tillage and green manures for sustainable organic cropping systems”. The overall goals of this project are to design improved organic cropping systems with enhanced productivity and nutrient use efficiency, more efficient weed management and increased biodiversity, but lower carbon footprints.
Green Talents 2014 Green Talents - International Forum for High Potentials in Sustainable Development - 2014. Since 2009, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has held the prestigious “Green Talents – International Forum for High Potentials in Sustainable Development” to promote the international exchange of ideas regarding green solutions. The award, whose patron is Minister Professor Johanna Wanka, honours 25 young researchers from around the world each year. The winners come from various scientific disciplines and are recognised for their outstanding achievements in making our societies more sustainable.
FAO statistics FAO Statistical Yearbook 2014 for Europe and Central Asia. Employing data from a variety of global statistical sources, including mainly data gathered by FAO itself, this publication provides a detailed view of the latest trends and factors governing food and agriculture in Europe and Central Asia - a region whose challenge is to reduce its continuing wide disparities in farm productivity and incomes. This publication strives to serve as a reference point on the social, economic and environmental dimensions of agriculture for policymakers, donor agencies, researchers and analysts as well as the general public.
Belarus statistics Main socio-economic indicators of the Republic of Belarus in January-April, 2014. Agricultural production (in farms of all types); Animal husbandry production in agricultural organisations; Agricultural producer price index, etc.
organic products EU to impose stricter rules on organic products. According to the European Commission, it's necessary to revise the current EU regulations for organic food products. That's good news for consumers, but farmers and organic associations are not excited about the new proposal - to say the least. That means the content of food products with an organic label in Europe will be subject to tougher regulations in the future.
Food Outlook Food Outlook : biannual report on global food markets. May 2014. Food Outlook is published by the Trade and Market Division of FAO nder Global Information and Early Warning System (GIEWS). It is a nnual publication focusing on developments affecting global food and feed markets. Each report provides comprehensive assessments and short term forecasts for production, utilization, trade, stocks and prices on a commodity by commodity basis and includes feature articles on topical issues. Food Outlook maintains a close synergy with another major GIEWS publication, Crop Prospects and Food Situation, especially with regard to the coverage of cereals.
Agrarian economics Agrarian economics : scientific monthly journal. Full text of a new №3, 2014 issue. Published by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and the Institute of System Studies in Agro-Industrial Complex. Publishes papers on economics of agroindustrial manufacture and materials informing on the newest technologies and development of domestic and foreign scientists in various branches an agriculture, and also on state policy of the Republic of Belarus in this sphere.
researchers in Belarus Researchers of the Republic of Belarus in 2013 (in Russian). In 2013 482 organizations were engaged in research and development projects, the number of employees in them was 28.9 thousand people (0.6% of total staff in the organizations of the republic). In the structure of scientific personnel prevailed specialists in technical sciences, whose share was 61% of total researchers, 18.6% were employed in the natural sciences, 7.5% - socio-economic and public, 5.8% - agricultural, 4.8% - medical sciences.
Cadastral map Cadastral Map of Belarus (in Russian). The public map was presented by the the National Cadastral Agency of the Republic of Belarus.
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