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AgroWeb Belarus, a part of the Belarus Agricultural Library Internet site and a part of the AgroWeb Central and Eastern Europe Network, is created in aim to collect and provide information on agricultural institutions and other important agriculture related subjects to help users to find information and contacts in Central and Eastern European countries and former USSR.

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ФАО доклад FAO hails UN Security Council Resolution on hunger and conflict. Director-General says it stresses need to protect agriculture and local food systems in conflict areas. A United Nations Security Council Resolution on hunger and conflict today won praise from FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva for underscoring the critical role of safeguarding food production and rural livelihoods even under conditions of extreme violence and instability. More...
ФАО доклад Bees must be protected for the future of our food. First World Bee Day to be observed on 20 May 2018. On the eve of the first World Bee Day, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has urged countries and individuals to do more to protect bees and other pollinators or risk a sharp drop in food diversity. Bees are under great threat from the combined effects of climate change, intensive agriculture, pesticides, biodiversity loss and pollution. More...
ФАО доклад Europe and Central Asia's quest to achieve Zero Hunger is threatened by poverty and climate change. FAO chief also calls for action to stimulate healthy diets and to curb food loss and waste. Achieving Zero Hunger in Europe and Central Asia requires supporting smallholders and family farmers to reduce poverty and, in the face of climate change, managing natural resources in a sustainable way, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva said. More...
ФАО доклад FAO and ICA sign new partnership in lead up to the UN Decade of Family Farming. Goal is to strengthen support for agricultural cooperatives, promote inclusive growth and responsible investment in agriculture, and the SDGs. The International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) and FAO renewed their partnership today, paving the way for more joint efforts to enable smallholder and small-scale family farmers in the developing world to benefit from a unique and successful business model that combines economic and social goals for inclusive development. More...
ФАО доклад FAO chief says building rural communities' resilience is crucial in conflict-ridden Near East. Impacts of climate change on the region's limited resources, especially water, also needs to be addressed. Conflict has increased food insecurity in the Near East and to reverse this situation it is crucial to strengthen the resilience of poor, rural communities, including through social protection systems, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva said. More...
ФАО доклад Making forest concessions more transparent, accountable and pro-poor. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) launched today the first voluntary guidelines for forest concessions in the tropics to make concessions more transparent, accountable and inclusive - all for the benefit of some of the poorest and most isolated communities in the world. Over 70 percent of forests in the tropics used for harvesting timber and other forest products are state-owned or public; most of the public forests are managed through concessions that governments give to private entities or local communities. More...
ФАО доклад "Think big" to make global food trade work for nutrition. Institutions designed to boost food availability too often favour unhealthy foods, FAO’s Director-General says. Global trade in food is essential for all countries, but the world's trade and regulation rulebook needs to be rebooted with an eye to bolstering trade in food that is healthy and nutritious rather than simply cheap, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva said. More...
ФАО доклад FAO aid appeal to support Rohingya refugees and host communities in Bangladesh. As vulnerable communities brace for cyclones and monsoon season, the need to protect and restore livelihoods and reduce environmental impacts is critical. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has launched an $8.3 million appeal to support Rohingya refugees and host populations - around 1.2 million people - in Bangladesh, as the onset of the cyclone season and monsoon rains is putting already vulnerable communities at even greater risk. More...
ФАО доклад Global Migration Group meets to develop common initiatives. FAO and IOM help lead UN effort to support states in crafting a Global Compact on migration. Speaking at the opening of the GMG meeting in London on Wednesday, the two co-chairs of the Group, IOM's Director General, William Lacy Swing and FAO's Director General, José Graziano de Silva, highlighted the importance of the current negotiations of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, and of the Global Compact on Refugees, due to be completed later this year. More...
ФАО доклад Agroecology can help change the world’s food production for the better. FAO’s first forecasts for the year ahead: Cereals output to ease off record highs. The FAO Food Price Index remained broadly steady in April, averaging 173.5 points for the month, a tiny notch up from March and 2.7 percent higher than in the same month of 2017. Prices of cereals and dairy products continued their recent rising trend, while those of sugar continued their decline. FAO also released its first forecasts for the 2018/19 marketing season, predicting a decline in global cereal output and reserves, both of which have been at or near record highs. More...
ФАО доклад Agroecology can help change the world’s food production for the better. FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva called for healthier and more sustainable food systems, and said agroecology can contribute to such a transformation. José Graziano da Silva made the call during his opening remarks at the 2nd International Agroecology Symposium in Rome (3-5 April). More...
ФАО доклад Food crises continue to strike, and acute hunger intensifies. A new report out today sounds the alarm regarding surging levels of acute hunger. Some 124 million people in 51 countries were affected by acute food insecurity during 2017 — 11 million more people than the year before — according to the latest edition of the Global Report on Food Crises. The report defines acute food insecurity as hunger so severe that it poses an immediate threat to lives or livelihoods. More...
ФАО доклад Russia to host 2018 FAO Regional Conference for Europe and Central Asia. The city of Voronezh, in southern Russia, will be the venue for the next FAO Regional Conference for Europe, in May 2018. Regional Conferences are held once every two years, in years when the global FAO Conference does not meet in regular session. Participants debate challenges related to food and agriculture – thus promoting regional coherence – and identify priorities for the future work. Подробнее...
ФАО доклад FAO’s lumpy skin disease (LSD) field manual for veterinarians is now available in six languages to aid in the prevention and control of the cattle disease that has established a large foothold in Europe since 2015. In addition to lumpy skin disease, FAO also has been working to combat the bluetongue disease in the region. At the end of 2017, FAO ran a train-the-trainers programme in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, reaching out to official and private field veterinarians. More...
ФАО доклад African swine fever being tackled in Ukraine. With the help of new equipment and training, the Ukrainian pork sector is taking further steps to enhance its monitoring and containment of African swine fever (ASF). In recent years, ASF – a deadly swine disease not transmittable to humans – has put the Ukrainian pork sector at risk, and with it the food security and livelihoods of many within the country. Since 2012, there have been 326 registered outbreaks of the disease. More...
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