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AgroWeb Belarus, a part of the Belarus Agricultural Library Internet site and a part of the AgroWeb Central and Eastern Europe Network, is created in aim to collect and provide information on agricultural institutions and other important agriculture related subjects to help users to find information and contacts in Central and Eastern European countries and former USSR.

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ФАО доклад Russia to host 2018 FAO Regional Conference for Europe and Central Asia. The city of Voronezh, in southern Russia, will be the venue for the next FAO Regional Conference for Europe, in May 2018. Regional Conferences are held once every two years, in years when the global FAO Conference does not meet in regular session. Participants debate challenges related to food and agriculture – thus promoting regional coherence – and identify priorities for the future work. Подробнее...
ФАО доклад FAO’s lumpy skin disease (LSD) field manual for veterinarians is now available in six languages to aid in the prevention and control of the cattle disease that has established a large foothold in Europe since 2015. In addition to lumpy skin disease, FAO also has been working to combat the bluetongue disease in the region. At the end of 2017, FAO ran a train-the-trainers programme in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, reaching out to official and private field veterinarians. More...
ФАО доклад African swine fever being tackled in Ukraine. With the help of new equipment and training, the Ukrainian pork sector is taking further steps to enhance its monitoring and containment of African swine fever (ASF). In recent years, ASF – a deadly swine disease not transmittable to humans – has put the Ukrainian pork sector at risk, and with it the food security and livelihoods of many within the country. Since 2012, there have been 326 registered outbreaks of the disease. Подробнее...
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