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Armenia, Russia, Ukraine crop forecasts updated

New data and FAO forecasts for the leading crops in Armenia, Russian Federation and Ukraine are now available online.

Overview data and forecasts are regularly updated and published FAO, through its Global Information and Early Warning System. The purpose of the System is to monitor food security situation at global, regional and national levels, issue reports on the world food situation, and provide early warning of impending food crises or possible threats to food security.

Products of the System include the periodic publications and web resources including:  Crop Prospects and Food Situation, Global Food Prices Monitor, Food Prices Tool, Food Price Monitoring and Analysis.   

For countries facing a serious food emergency, FAO and the World Food Programme make on-the-ground assessments in what are called “Joint Crop and Food Security Assessment Missions.” The visiting team of experts reviews the situation, analyses possible implications for food supply and the impact on people. The aim is to provide timely and reliable information and recommendations that can be acted on by national governments, the international community and others.

To produce the Country briefs, FAO uses many sources of information – about weather and other natural conditions for agriculture, as well as domestic and international economic, social and political factors. Sources include meteorological centres, agencies operating satellites for earth observation, news services such as Reuters and Associated Press, information from international and national institutions, and various reports and studies. Questionnaires sent to various partners (FAO offices, government agencies, NGOs) are also utilized.

11 December 2014, Budapest, Hungary


Source: Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations

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