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Workshop "The State of Animal Genetic Resources and Network Promotion of AgroWeb", Minsk, Belarus, 31 March - 1 April 2005

Belarus Agricultural Library
Address: 86, Kazinets Str., Minsk, Belarus

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Memorandum of Understanding
Memorandum of Understanding
Memorandum of Understanding

Taking into account the need for development of AnGR process in the world it is necessary to improve information and knowledge exchange for all countries. But unfortunately there are no modern databases, information networks and sustainable AnGR programs in East European Countries. Therefore, there is no opportunity for effective exchange of information inside the region. The establishment and coordination of AnGR network will promote the development of program monitoring and implementation of modern biotechnologies. The main purpose of this initiative is to develop and implement strategy for each participating country for sustainable use, development and conservation of animal genetic resources. Successful development, conservation, monitoring and networking of AnGR could help to develop programs and promote the exchange of appropriate information and knowledge. It is necessary to agree on structure and management system of AnGR web portal, which will regulate the development, maintenance and update of respective pages and databases.

By the result of the meeting in Minsk (Belarus) on 31 April-1 March 2005, on the occasion of УThe State of Animal Genetic Resources and Network Promotion of AgroWeb" the undersigned National Co-coordinators on the State of the World Animal Genetic Resources of Belarus, Russia, Moldova and Ukraine proposed:

To establish:

- coordination group for East European countries responsible for development and implementation of AnGR sub regional projects and programs;

- common strategy for development of AnGR sub portal in AgroWeb Network;

- sub-regional information database in Agro Web network;

- to start working on AnGR photo contest of 2005 for AgroWeb Network promotion.

Participants proposed to organize at least one sub-regional conference every year to discuss problems in Animal Genetics and AgroWeb development.

National Coordinator on AnGR of Russia /C. Kharitonov/
National Coordinator on AnGR of Lithuania /A.Svitojus/
National Coordinator on AnGR of Moldova /V. Rodionov/
Web Editor of AgroWeb Georgia /E. Tsurtsumia/
National Coordinator on AnGR of Ukraine /V. Sheremeta/
National Coordinator on AnGR of Belarus /I. Kyssa/


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